Subgroup X

Subgroup X: New tools and resources for studies of stem cell biology

Tuesday, December 11, 4:15 pm-6:50 pm
Ballroom 20D

Organizers:  Yukiko Yamashita, University of Michigan and David Drubin, UC Berkeley

Combined advances in genome editing, stem cell production, and organoid derivation from stem cells represent a revolution in cell and developmental biology. These advances have important implications for the study of basic biology as well as for translation of mechanistic discoveries into understanding of disease. Most cell and developmental biologists, however, are unfamiliar with the techniques and procedures necessary to work with stem cells. This session aims to provide the latest information about the new tools and resources being developed, and about the innovative model systems and experimental approaches being deployed for studies of stem cell biology. Wide adoption of stem cells for studies of cell and developmental biology promises to enable progress in basic research and translation of the results to address disease.


4:15    Introduction by co-organizers, Yukiko Yamashita (University of Michigan) and David Drubin (UC Berkeley)

Subcellular organization and dynamics:

4:25    Human iPSCs: from image to information, Molly Maleckar, Allen Institute for Cell Science

4:40    4D cell biology: Big data image analytics and lattice light-sheet imaging of live stem cell-derived organoids, Johannes Schoeneberg, UC Berkeley

4:55    Non-random sister chromatid segregation and germline immortality, Yukiko Yamashita, University of Michigan

Stem cells in development and disease:

5:10    Understanding progenitor to muscle stem cell transitions in human development and human pluripotent stem cells, April Pyle, UCLA

5:25    Using human iPSCs to understand the cell biology underlying neurodegeneration, Hyun Kate Lee, University of Toronto

5:40    CRISPR and stem Cells: Disease mechanism and genome surgery, Bruce Conklin, UCSF

Cell polarity and tissue organization

5:55    Manipulating cellular and sub-cellular asymmetry with high spatiotemporal resolution in fly neural stem cells, Clemens Cabernard, University of Washington

6:10    Cellular aspect ratio and division mechanics pattern cell lineages in the intestinal epithelium, Kara McKinley, UCSF

6:25    Dynamic regulation of stem cell division and fate by tissue architecture, Danelle Davenport, Princeton University

6:40    Closing comments


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