Subgroup J

Subgroup J: Wnt Signaling in Development and Cancer

Saturday, December 8, 8:30 am-12:30 pm
Room: 30AB

Organizers: Henry Ho, University of California, Davis; and Taran Gujral, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

This session focuses on Wnt signaling pathway and its role in embryonic development and cancer. Wnt family proteins are growth factors that play critical roles in proliferation, migration, and invasion. Aberrant activation of Wnt signaling has been implicated in a variety of human developmental disorders and in malignancies of the colon, breast, liver, skin, brain, and prostate. We will hear from leading experts who study the role of Wnt in normal development and in disease states.


8:30 am            Introduction.

8:35 am           Intestinal Wnt signaling. Calvin Kuo, Stanford University, University

9:00 am           WNT-FZD specificity in stem cells. Karl Willert, University of California, San Diego

9:25 am           New insights into Wnt signaling, vertebrate development, and stem cells. Xi He, Harvard Medical School

9:50 am           Wnt Signaling Connections to Stem Cells and Invasion in Colon Cancer. Marian Waterman, University of California, Irvine

10:15 am         Break

10:35 am        Ubiquitin-mediated regulation of the Wnt Pathway. Ethan Lee, Vanderbilt University

11:00 am         Wnt-er tales: Post genomic regulation of Wnt responsive cells by modulation of Cul4/DDB1/DCAF4 ubiquitin ligase activity. Timothy F. Lane, University of California, Los Angeles

11:25 am         Non-canonical Wnt signaling in Cancer. Taran Gujral, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

11:50 am         Mechanisms of Wnt5a-Ror signaling in development and disease. Henry Ho, University of California, Davis

12:15 pm          Closing. General Questions and Answers


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