Subgroup G

Subgroup G: Spatial and Temporal Analytical Tools for Cell Atlases

Saturday, December 8, 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Organizers: Richard Conroy, National Institutes of Health; Jonah Cool, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; and Sean Hanlon, National Institutes of Health

The rapid emergence of technologies for multiplexed and high throughput molecular mapping and phenotypic analysis of cells is driving development of multiscale, multidimensional cell atlases. New tools and common coordinate systems that will be required to analyze and interpret these large datasets, and in particular to understand the role of spatial organization and temporal trajectories of the cells in a complex 3D tissue environment. In this session we will discuss emerging approaches and tools that provide robust, scalable, interoperable analysis of molecular and phenotypic information and are supporting community efforts to model cell-cell interactions, cell lineage and perturbations. There will be discussions with all speakers addressing challenges related to building interoperability between the datasets generated by different cell atlas initiatives.


8:30 am                    Introduction – Sean Hanlon (NIH), Richard Conroy (NIH), Jonah Cool (CZI)

8:35 am                    Clodagh O’Shea (Salk Institute) – Multimodal microscopy and synthetic devices to visualize and redesign biological systems

                                 for precision medicine
9:00 am                    Ana Pombo (Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin) – Genome Architecture Mapping: exploring cell-state specific

                                 3D genome topologies

9:25 am                    Kun Zhang (UCSD) – Towards building 3D multi-omics single-cell maps of human adult organs

9:50 am                    Long Cai (Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, Caltech) – Nascent transcriptome profiling and fast dynamics in single


10.15 am                   Break

10:45 am                  Leeat Keren (Stanford) – Unraveling the tumor immune microenvironment using multiplexed imaging’

11:10 am                  Emma Lundberg (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) – TBD

11:35 am                  Joe Gray (Oregon Health & Science University) – Omic and multiscale analysis of drug resistance in breast cancer

12:00 pm                  Junhyong Kim (Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania; Penn Program in Single Cell Biology): Waddington versus

                                 Thom: Revisiting the theory of developmental timing and reconstruction of temporal trajectories.

12:25pm                   Concluding Remarks – Sean Hanlon (NIH), Richard Conroy (NIH), Jonah Cool (CZI)



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