NCI-ASCB Emerging Topic Symposium

A New Nuclear-Nexus in Cancer Cell Biology

Jointly supported by the National Cancer Institute, NIH and the ASCB

Monday, December 10, 4:30 pm-7:05 pm

Session Description: While cancer has been viewed primarily a disease of mutations, an emerging new understanding of the unique changes that occur in the cell biology of the nucleus as malignancies progress has moved the field forward. The Symposium will highlight new biology revealed by oncogenic adaptations in nuclear organization, nuclear pore complex structure and function, and coordination between mitochondria and the nucleus to regulate transcription and DNA damage responses.

Michael Graham Espey,
National Cancer Institute, NIH
Jodi Nunnari,
University of California, Davis, and ASCB Past-President


4:30 pm Introduction Jodi Nunnari, University of California, Davis, and Michael Graham Espey, National Cancer Institute, NIH
4:40 pm Cancer and the Aging Nucleus Martin Hetzer, Salk Institute
5:15 pm Oncogenic coupling of Metabolism and Nuclear Pore Complex Transcriptional Control Rosalie Sears, Oregon Health and Science University
5:50 pm Metastatic Nuclear Mechanobiology Jan Lammerding, Cornell University
6:25 pm Role of mtDNA in coordinating Nuclear Damage Responses Gerald Shadel, Salk Institute