Screening Approaches in Human Cells and CRISPR Methods Workshop

Monday, December 10, 4:30 pm

Workshop Description:
The rapid development of CRISPR-based technologies is transforming the cell biologist’s toolbox and our ability to interrogate genes, proteins or organisms. Here we will provide an update on methods to manipulate gene expression or protein sequence in mammalian cells, with an emphasis on systematic approaches to study pathways on a genome- or proteome-scale. This workshop will cover endogenous protein tagging, base editing for directed evolution and CRISPR inactivation/activation platforms with both population-level and single cell readouts. We will focus particularly on the technical aspects of implementing these methods, and talks will be followed by a town-hall discussion providing ample time for questions. All are welcome to participate.

Organizers and Speakers:


Martin Kampmann, Co-Organizer and Speaker, University of California, San Francisco


Britt Adamson, Speaker, Princeton University


Manuel Leonetti, Co-Organizer and Speaker, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub


Mike Bassik, Speaker, Stanford University